hgd A Good Day Is When Results Meet or Exceed Expectations.
What If Every Day Was A Good Day?


All of us attending networking events have at least two things in common

1. We want to grow our businesses.
2. We are willing to help others grow their business in the process.

The very best way we can help each other is by trading qualified referrals. So what is the process of giving and receiving qualified referrals from our networking colleagues?

Meet & Greet

All of us meet at a local networking event where we have the benefit of meeting face-to-face and an opportunity to learn a bit about each other’s business, products and services.

Commitment & Good Intentions

We leave the event with two things in common. We are committed to growing our businesses and we both have the very best of intentions to help each in our efforts.

However…What About The Moment of Truth?

The following day, what actually happens when you and I are in front of our customers and the moment of truth arrives...the opportunity to make the referral?

Are We Prepared to Close the Opportunity?

Or, does the conversation sound more like this. “Hey, I met someone last night at a networking event who I think could really be of value to you. I don’t remember their name and I’m not completely knowledgeable about everything they offer. Let me get back to you with some contact information.”

Your customer is thinking: “OK, you don’t know their name and you don’t know what they do. Why in theworld are you referring them to me?”

Is That Really A Qualified Referral?

Is it any wonder that despite our good intentions tohelp our networking colleagues grow their businessas we grow ours, sometimes in the moment of truth we just don’t have the tools to be an effective advocate?

So What Is The Answer? How Do I Have A Good Day Networking?

Two critical factors of success in any task, including networking are:

1. Be Prepared.
2. Have the Right Tools.

The Have A Good Day program is designed to do just that. Get you prepared to make and deliver a qualified referral, most importantly, with a tool you can use In The Moment of Truth!

Introducing Have A Good Day VIP Networking
VIP Because There Is Value In Partnerships!
Here’s How It Works

1. 20 partners participate in each VIP Networking Campaign.
2. Each VIP Referral Package contains the following items:


As a VIP Networking Partner you will receive
20 VIP Referral Packages to distribute to
your best customers.

At the same time your 19 VIP partners will be distributing
VIP Referral Packages with your promotional offer
to 380 of their best customers on your behalf!

Your Networking Referral Is Guaranteed!

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"Doing your best is not good enough. You have to know what to do. Then do your best." - W. E. Deming

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