hgd A Good Day Is When Results Meet or Exceed Expectations.
What If Every Day Was A Good Day?









Have A Good Day! - The Challenge.

What if you had a good day every day?

What if every individual in your organization had a good day every day?

How would consistantly having a good day impact your life - your business?

Have A Good Day makes people and processes more manageable and more capable.


Our Story: Something Was Broken.

Turning Point Selling started in 2004 as a sales consultancy business with a focus on sales process improvement and sales skills development. In 2006 we realized despite our best efforts, traditional approaches to improving efficiency and productivity were simply not effective. Moreover, we found this to be true across the sales training industry when we looked at the analysis published by CSO Insights. The annual research reports showed that despite millions of dollars of investment by companies across the US, overall sales effectiveness was essentially stagnant year after year. Something was obviously broken.

In Search of...

In search of improvement, we began to study Toyota's LEAN manufacturing process and Motorola's SIx-Sigma methodology. SIx-Sigma is a process improvement methodology. Have a process that is not producing expected results? That's a problem. But what are the specific problems causing the deficiency? Enter Six-Sigma which identifies the root cause(s) of process inefficiency empowering you to improve the right things and actually fix the real problem(s). LEAN ensures value is being delivered to your customer and your business. Value to your customer provides you with a competitive edge. Value to your business allows you to stay in business. Individually, LEAN and Six-Sigma are powerful methodologies. Together they are dynamite!

For example, let's say you produced a product with a high degree of defects. That's a problem. Six-Sigma would help you fix the real problems that caused the defects thereby raising the quality level of the final product. That's good. But what if there was no market for your high quality product? That would mean you have a high quality product that no one would want to buy. That's not good. What if instead you used LEAN to first understand what your customer wanted and how much they were willing to pay for it. Then you used SIx-Sigma to make sure the product your custmore wanted and would pay for was delivered with the highest quality possible? Now you'd be cooking!

It Worked!

Although traditionally applied to manufacturing environments, we believed LEAN and Six-Sigma were indeed applicable to soft processes including sales. We began to fold the two approaches into our training methodologies. Lo and behold, it worked! Not only did we find the methodologies were applicable, equally as important, sales professionals were receptive to them - they actually adopted them in their everyday operating rhythm.

Uh Oh!

Armed with our powerful new tools, we set out to change the world. "Hey, looks like you need some help with sales effectiveness. How would you like a big dose of LEAN Six-Sigma? That'll cure ya for sure!" We quickly discovered most folks outside of manufacturing and project management environments just don't warm up too well to LEAN SIx-Sigma. That was a problem. In hindsight however, we've got to say "thank goodness" because that is what led us to repackaging our solution in a completely different way - Have A Good Day!

Success Is a Project.

Not in the colloquial sense of dificult, involved and complicated. Success is a project in a project management sense in that there are three priamry pieces we must manage; Scope (goal, objective or target) - Time - Resources. This is the "iron triangle" of project management; you can't get away from it or around it. Project management is an organized team approach that allows you to control these three elements in a way that results in success. "Hold on a minute..." you say, "...we don't manage projects, we manage goals, objectives and targets. So, don't bring that project management stuff in here either." Ok, you have a goal, an objective, or a target. Is there a time period associated with that goal? "Yes." Is there a limited amount of resources available to you to work with? "Yes." So you have Scope (goal, objective or target) - Time - Resources? And, are you expecting success? "Yes." You my friend have a full fledged project on your hands. Question: Why aren't you using a project management approach to ensure your success? "Ok, go on then." Thank you.

The Final Piece - Have A Good Day!

Success requires capable processes, value delivery to customers and the business, and finally, measureable results on a daily basis. This is where we introduced Agile project management into our formula as the final piece to Have A Good Day. Agile is the de facto standard methodology for software development that is quickly finding application in many areas of the business. In Agile, small teams participate in daily "scrums" or standup meetings; short, 15 minutes or so, meetings where everyone stands up, talks about what needs to get done today, and then gets to work on their daily activities. The result is a good day is defined by a planned set of activities with measurable performance expectations rather than random occurring fortuitous events. When we execute those daily activities and achieve our goals, we are truly able to say we've had a good day! Have A Good Day is about meeting and exceeding expectations on a daily basis.

Have A Good Day!
We're in the business of raising individual results one good day at a time.

That's our story and we're sticking to it!

"Doing your best is not good enough. You have to know what to do. Then do your best." - W. E. Deming

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